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I use film as a way of exploring themes that are beyond the scope of my paintings.  I have always been fascinated by archival recordings,and old photographs and I incorporate these into this work.  The films are similar to the paintings in that they sit on the boundary between abstraction and representation.

Water V2

Made in conjunction with my friend and fellow artist Peter Hayes, this is a film that explores the colour and texture of water as well as referencing the industrial heritage of Sunderland

No Details Known V2

This film uses an archival recording from 1984 in which my great grandfather recounts his early life in nineteenth century China.  I have layered images form the sea and timelapses from my garden to draw the connection between past, present and future

As the Day Passes

A film which is much closer to a painting than a film, it sits firmly in the tradition of abstraction.  The audio is the sound of a painting being made

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