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It's Not That Deep at The Moving Gallery, Sunderland

I have chosen  to exclude labels and text from this exhibition because I want to experiment by allowing the work to speak for itself.  However I know that this can be a frustrating approach for some people so I have created this page to provide some context for the exhibition

The Phoenix

This where it all started!  I reached an artistic impasse about 10 years ago and decided to cut up a number of paintings to see if I could stimulate a new energy for my work.  The small squares are what is left of that experiment


As a child I was fascinated by Victorian paintings of naval ships.  I loved looking at the texture of the oil paint on canvas, especially the grey/green of the sea.   My Great Grandfather owned a number of similar paintings including one titled "Mutiny at the Nore".   I created this series of paintings as a homage to this genre of art.  

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